Friday, September 17, 2010

Anyone Having Problems With My Blog?

Over the last few days, I've noticed that when I go to the main link for my blog (, it gets a "cannot display this web-page" white screen.  When I hit "refresh," it loads normally.

I've tested this out at work, on a Mac computer, and I get something similar, with the suggestion the site must be very busy.

I haven't changed anything on either computer, so it's not something I've done that's been causing the problem.

Earlier this evening, I emptied the cache and deleted the cookies after seeing that as a troubleshooting suggestion on the Help page and it loaded normally on the first try.  However, after a bit of surfing, it went back to the same old problem.

Has anyone been having problems viewing my site?  If so, post them on the comments section of this page.  I'd like to get more data and try more solutions before reporting this situation to Google.


  1. I think the issue might be that if you're already logged into Google, it won't initially load.

    I've been playing the delete-cookies/load game a bit and that's the conclusion I've got.