Sunday, July 25, 2010

Google Invests in Wind Power

Applause to Google for making a long-term investment in wind energy.  It's a bit strange, Google having its own energy company, but given how data centers need to be kept powered-up at all times lest power outages lead to data loss, them investing in energy generation makes sense.

Viable alternative energy needs long-term investment and people aren't going to invest in something like that if there's too much risk.  A long-term contract with an entity like Google helps reduce that risk.  And if Google expands its physical networks and data centers and makes it a policy to invest in alternative means to fuel them as much as possible, it will encourage further investment in alternative energy, the green industry, etc.


  1. And as a result their servers will run whilst we all sit in power outs.

    Wind power does not even payback the cost of the windmill for about 8 years IF IT WORKS.

    What is wrong with nuclear - which is proven to work.

    Wind Energy is anything but clean or green also it is damned ugly and damages the eco system.


  2. How would their buying wind power affect anyone other than themselves?

    I would imagine Google would use the windmill(s) for their own purposes and those living nearby would use the power source they're already using (coal, gas, nuclear) from before the windmill was built.

    I fail to see how Google buying wind power will cause anyone else to suffer power outages, as your opening sentence suggests.