Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Green-Technology News Articles

Here are a couple of articles I found on Wired at various points this week pertaining to Green technology.

The first one is about electric cars. Ford's first EV isn't going to be a car (which would require an infrastructure of recharge stations that don't yet exist), but fleet trucks. In theory, those would require fewer recharge points. Cost of additional power vs. cost of gas could be an issue though.

Here's an article about using compressed air in old mine shafts to generate power.

Clever. Very clever. I would have never thought of that myself. The fact it requires power to make power (compressing the air prior to release it) seems a bit difficult, but if the compressing is done during off-peak times and the release is done during peak times, there'd be a net profit.

(Peak power is pricier. Try saying that five times fast.)

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