Saturday, November 18, 2017

Older Newsletters to View, and Sign-Up for New Ones

Like many writers, I have an e-mail newsletter. I promised newsletter subscribers exclusive content, and although I haven't (yet) provided wholly original fiction or other more lavish perks other writers have, I have provided behind-the-scenes information, important announcements in advance, etc.

Here are some older newsletters for your perusal:

*This one features two short science-fiction stories a man I know from the alternate-history forum wrote and posted there. This might be my first exclusive content for my newsletter readers, except for the small issue that I'd posted it some years ago on the blog. Still, it's free content for one's readers. You've got to give people a reason to want to follow you, and other than friends/family and super-duper fans, people are probably not just going to be interested in what you're up to.

*This one informs my readers that I've got stories in a new collection, but also provides a lot of back-story for these tales that appear in it. For example, an early draft of "The Beast of the Bosporus" was reviewed by Philip Lee Williams, author of All the Western Stars. Based on his suggestions, I made the final battle in the harbor of Constantinople much less anti-climactic, among other things.

*In this one, I lead with an announcement that two of my stories will be free for Halloween. Again, you should emphasize what you can do for others, not what others can do for you. I then discuss my progress on various writing projects, including expanding Catalina Merrill's role in Battle for the Wastelands and a dieselpunk short story I still haven't finished revising.

*In which I discuss Kij Johnson's heartending short story "Ponies," which is a rather disturbing in which animal abuse is a metaphor for teen-girl bullying.  Given how common "mean girls crap" is, this is a story I felt would stand the test of time. It's also free content that might interest one's readers. This one also features why I might put out Little People, Big Guns under a pseudonym.

If receiving this type of information is something you'd enjoy, sign up here to subscribe to my newsletter. I'll be sending out some exclusive character-biography information tomorrow and I'll work my way up to better perks. I only send out once a month or so (or longer if there's nothing important happening), so don't worry about being spammed.

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