Friday, August 2, 2013

Andrew Patel Is Coming...

I will soon have some new independently-published material for the Kindle posted soon on my author page.

Here's some back story. Last year (or perhaps earlier), my Kennesaw writing group discussed a "Southern Superheroes" anthology that ended up not going anywhere. However, before its implosion became clear, some of us had written stories. My contribution was two tales starring Andrew Patel, a Nietzsche enthusiast anti-hero who thinks transcending the merely human translates into making himself a cyborg.

(Hint: His is a situation of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" as far as Nietzsche's philosophy is concerned.)

Given how I've done some research and found that superhero short fiction is a hard sell these days and how I've been told the way to succeed at independently publishing short stories for e-readers is "churn and burn," Mr. Patel will be making an appearance soon.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the covers for √úbermensch and "Needs Must," courtesy of Alex Claw, illustrator of The Beast of the Bosporus:

Depending on how successful these are, Mr. Patel will be making more return appearances. Today I came up with a new potentially recurring (worse) villain for him to face.


  1. I'll be sure to give both of these a look!

  2. Thanks. "Ubermensch" is already available (I've plugged in the link) and "Needs Must" will be coming soon.