Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saw "Conan The Barbarian" Today

Saw the new Conan film with Jason Momoa today.  I won't write a full review until tomorrow or Tuesday, but I really enjoyed it.  It was certainly better than the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, by far.

All of you should go to see it before it leaves theaters.  There were only two showings of the non-3D version in the theater today and I believe a roughly similar number of 3D showings.  Although it doesn't look like the movie is going to make back its budget in theaters, at least in the United States, every little bit helps.

Conan is an awesome character and Robert E. Howard was one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time.  Let's do our bit to help keep the character and franchise alive.


  1. ...I'm just speechless here... how could you not only say the remake was amazing, but trash the original?

  2. The remake had some laugh-out-loud moments that I'm not sure were intentional, but here's why I really didn't like the original:

    The new one actually feels like the Conan stories I've read.

  3. Really? I always felt the Governator's version captured the spirit of the stories more. It certainly captured the spirit of high adventure a hell of alot better.

  4. Spirit of high ham, perhaps. :)

    And in addition to the critiques I made in my older comment, Arnold's delivery of the "crush your enemies" speech was bad.

    I liked Arnold in "Predator" and "Eraser," but here he wasn't very good at all.

    If you liked it, that's cool. The Conan franchise, with its comic books, video games, etc. wouldn't exist without the original.

  5. Camp value and ham are drastically under-rated in my opinion.

    In the end, to each thier own. I'm just suprised someone liked the new film... my opinion aside, everyone I know hated it, even the most devout Howard fans lamenting the film. I'm curious what you liked about it.

  6. You'll see when I write my actual review, which might take a bit due to work obligations. I also have a post about Jon Huntsman I want to write.

    I concede the reviews tended toward the bad, although Howard's writings themselves were not exactly high art (at least in their own time). The reviewers who think the movie is crap because it isn't Oscar bait are IMO missing the point.