Monday, February 21, 2011

Trailer for "Thor" Movie

Saw this last night at a friend's party.  I haven't historically been a fan of the "Thor" comics but this looks kind of cool.

I see they're not going with Thor and company being the actual Norse gods, based on the comment about magic and science.  I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said sufficiently-advanced technology is not distinguishable from magic anyway.  Are they conveniently human-like aliens, then, or humans who had developed uber-advanced technology and masqueraded as gods?

In Norse myth, if I remember right, Odin was the god of war.  Here, he seems inclined to maintain peace while Thor just wants to fight.  I guess when it's one's own realm one is maintaining, it's in one's interest to keep the peace.

Not sure if I'll go see it, but it looks like it'll be a fun movie if I do.


  1. As far as Norse mythos, Odin was the head diety, as well as the god of wisdom and death, Tyr was the god of war.

  2. That Thor would be a proponent of war while Odin suggests peace seems to be in-character with their presentation in the myths - as Korsgaard notes, Odin was, among other things, the god of wisdom, while Thor tended to have a temper, and to act before thinking things through.

  3. Ah. I thought since Odin was worshipped by kings and warriors (while Thor was worshipped by the commoners), he would have a greater association with war.

    The wisdom aspect does make Odin's attitude more sensible.

  4. There was an episode of the original Star Trek that explored the idea the the Greek Gods were uber-advanced aliens - they met Apollo. Essentially human but with a mysterious organ Dr. McCoy noticed in a scan. They theorized that allowed these aliens to channel their powers.

    Don't know if I'll want to see this one. I like the new superhero movies that explain how the hero got his/her power (origins) to set the stage.

  5. Well, it's a way to get those outside the existing comic fandom in the door--they won't need to know the back story.