Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Space Wolf Addendum

I realized I should have added this to my mini-review of Space Wolf Omnibus: Spacewolf / Ragnar's Claw / Grey Hunter, but I didn't.

One thing I liked about the book is the depiction of the Chaos Space Marine Madox, a member of the renegade Thousand Sons Legion.  Author William King does a good job of capturing the character's intellectualism, snarky atttiude, and desire for vengeance on the Space Wolves for the wrongs done to the Thousand Sons.

(For those less familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Thousand Sons, when the Warmaster Horus rebelled, actually tried to warn the Emperor.  Unfortunately, the method they used was sorcery, which the Emperor had forbidden them to mess with, and the sorcerous warning caused some problems when it arrived on Earth.  Although my older Chaos codex depicts the Emperor as assuming the worst and unleashing the Space Wolves on the Thousand Sons, the more recent canon material has him ordered Space Wolf primarch Leman Russ to bring Thousand Sons primarch Magnus the Red to Earth for questioning and Horus, whose revolt was not yet apparent, changing the orders to attack the Thousand Sons in order to force them to join the rebellion.  The Space Wolves laid waste to the Thousand Sons' homeworld of Prospero and things got worse from there.)

I went to the library the other day to request The Second Omnibus (Space Wolf), since I had been unable to request it from home, but the librarian couldn't get it either.  It was at another library system and the copy might be lost or the home library simply might not want to send it out, as it's their only copy.

Darn.  In one of the books composing the omnibus, we see Madox again.  He was more interesting when he appeared in Space Wolf than his return appearance in Grey Hunter, but he might be back to cool form in the second omnibus.

I did find something cool yesterday.  At DragonCon 2010, Mike Lee said that characters from licensed fiction rarely make it into the actual games, but I googled "Ragnar Blackmane" (the protagonist of the Space Wolves novels) and I found a 40K figurine for him.  One can include him in one's army in the game.

I wonder if they'll make one for Madox?

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