Thursday, August 26, 2010

Environmental Law...Or Gun Control?

I found the following link on DemocraticUnderground, of all places.  They're an example of the wacko fringe of the American political Left, with the exception of gun rights.  Although they've got some obnoxious anti-gun types (including one who bragged about calling the cops on a neighbor who had a certain model of gun illegal in California), as a whole, DU is strongly pro-individual-right-to-bear-arms and I can honor them for that.

Okay, I acknowledge the fact that lead is toxic and could certainly be an environmental danger and that the proposed regulation also governs sinkers used in fishing.

However, even though the Obama Administration has not shown itself to be especially hostile toward gun rights, this would be a de facto gun-control measure if not a de jure one.  I'm not especially knowledgeable about the different types of ammunition that exist out there, but if this passes and the only ammunition available is either inferior copper rounds or banned in certain areas as "armor-piercing," this would place an undue burden on gun owners.

If the government wants to reduce lead contamination, how about passing some measure "phasing out" lead sinkers used for fishing and grandfathering in all lead sinkers manufactured before the cutoff date?  That will give the companies producing sinkers to come up with some just-as-effective alternative material to replace lead with.

Then we'll see if the same material can be used for bullets, both for private gun owners and for the military.  After all, if the real issue is lead contamination, wars and large-scale training exercises are far more pollutive (in terms of lead) than hunting and individual shootings.

I exhort all of you to go to and write the President, your Senators and Representatives, etc. in order to put the kibosh on this proposed legislation before it goes anywhere.

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