Monday, May 10, 2010

Another "Predator" Film--"Predators."

I read about this one in Entertainment Weekly at the gym (I think).  It's called Predators and is another film set in the Predator franchise.

(No surprise based on the titles, eh?)

Here's the trailer:

Adrien Brody as an action hero? That could be interesting. He did a fair bit of that in King Kong.

Also, this one is apparently a direct sequel to Predator, skipping over all the of the sequels.  I think Robert Rodriguez intends this one to be a reboot of the franchise.  Given the titular resemblance to Aliens, that would make sense.

I personally didn't mind the two Aliens vs. Predator films, considering how often the two faced off in comics and in written fiction, but it would have been better to set those in the future.  Most of the AvP stuff involved human settlers on other worlds and never actually came to Earth.

Comment and spoiler, even though this came from Wikipedia:

The notion of a human who'd been abducted and survived in hiding for years reminds me of a movie I saw on UPN many years ago when I was probably in middle school.  It was called Death Ring and was a hunting-humans thriller in the vein of "The Most Dangerous Game."  There was a character who managed that by luring an earlier group of hunters into a quicksand pit, lived in the jungle for several months, and helped the protagonist face off against a new group of hunters.

Not sure if Rodriguez borrowed the concept or came up with it on his own.  Given how Death Ring is a B-movie starring the relatives of famous action stars and probably didn't get seen by that many people, it was probably the former, but who knows what films Rodriguez appreciates.

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