Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Background Material, For Your Enjoyment

I wanted to provide more information about the Draka universe in my earlier post, but I didn't think it'd actually fit in with what I was trying to say, which was that my dabblings in the Drakaverse had inspired another writer to write what could possibly be a novel set in there.

So here're some links and background:

The Domination Wikipedia entry on the Draka.

Marching Through Georgia-The first of the Draka novels, featuring their entry into WWII and a whole lot of worldbuilding.

Under the Yoke-The second Draka novel, featuring the establishment of their rule over conquered Europe after WWII.

The Stone Dogs-The third Draka novel, featuring the Protracted Struggle and the Final War.

The Domination-The combined three Draka novels in one larger book, minus the appendices.  These used to be posted on Geocities, but that site is down and I cannot find them elsewhere.  Contains some framing material set in the aftermath of the book below...

Drakon-Set 400 years after the Draka victory, a drakensis ends up in our world (or a reasonable fascimile thereof) and a cyborg Samothracian (the Samothracians are the descendants of Alliance refugees who escaped to Alpha Centauri aboard a generation ship) is sent to stop her.

Drakas!-An anthology of short stories set at various points in the Draka timeline, written by authors like Harry Turtledove.

Snakepit: A Stargate-Draka Crossover-A fan-fiction crossover of the Stargate television show with the Draka.  This is the version with commentary from yours truly and others.

Snakepit: A Stargate-Draka Crossover-This is the same story, only posted on without reader comments and suggestions.  Basically, it's consolidated and an easier read.

Ian's Draka TL-Ian Montgomerie is the moderator of the alternate-history forum and this is his more plausible Draka timeline.  Some of the ideas I used in "The Dragon and the Bear" came from here.

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