Monday, February 22, 2010

"Thundercats" Script Is Down

It seems that the Thundercats movie script I found and read (part of) this morning has been taken down from the site hosting it.

Drat.  I was going to read the whole thing and write a full review of it.

This site here has got some bullet points about the script that indicate they've read the entire thing.

No Snarf.  That seems like a good idea.  Making Panthro purple, not so much.

Here're my comments on what I read before it was removed:

Lion-O in general is depicted simply young and in need of seasoning.  In the original cartoon, he physically aged but mentally did not (due to some glitch in his suspended-animation pod), which strikes me as somewhat ridiculous.  This situation seems much more realistic.

I liked what they did with Jaga--he was Lion-O's mentor and in charge of piloting the ship while the others were in suspended animation.  Rather than die of old age en route (and then returning sometimes as a ghost), he died in an attack by the Mutants on the cats' ship as it came to the planet it was supposed to guide other ships full of Thunderan refugees to.

Speaking of that, I liked how they handled the end of Thundera.  The planet's star was changing (like how, someday, our sun will balloon and swallow the inner solar system) and so they sent out a ship to find a new world, with arks of refugees following.  It seems more "hard SF" than the original series, which at one point included people breathing in space.

Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat are also adults, not annoying kids.  That strikes me as a good idea.

I wonder if the fact the script got taken down indicates that the film is a going concern?  I'd heard different things from different sources.

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