Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Support of Natalie Munroe, the Suspended Blogging Teacher...


This is getting ridiculous.  On top of her getting suspended for blogging on her own time, even though she didn't "name names," you have teachers fearing to rent R-rated movies because they're afraid their rental records will become public.  That is crossing lines.

Is there anything in teachers' contracts that allows for them to be punished if something they do outside working hours annoys their superiors in the school system?  If it is in there, it shouldn't be.  Teaching is a difficult enough job as-is and something like that could deter people from becoming teachers.

Furthermore, the article describes how the Chicago school system reads teacher blogs--not to see if they say anything embarrassing and to punish them, but to find out good ideas from the "boots on the ground" in the school system.

And although the administration seized on her reference to unnamed students as "jerk-offs" to claims she was unprofessional, a lot of what she is saying about students and parents rings true.  I could make the argument she's speaking truth to power and should not be punished.

Here's Munroe's blog:


It seems like most of the blog posts have gone missing, but the ones that are there tell of the hullaballoo from her perspective.

Here's the site of her school district.


Let's hope the school system is willing to do the right thing and un-suspend her.  After all, they could learn from her description of how things really are in class.

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